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Ownership Details of somoyerkonthosor

Ownership & Funding Information

The Portal ‘SOMOYERKONTHOSOR’ was actually started with a non-commercial purpose, with a view to examining the market situation of news agency.

A group of reporters from different daily newspaper of Bangladesh worked as a team.

M Azizur Rahman Aziz (Former Secretary at Government of Bangladesh) holds the Chief advisor.

Mr. Aminul Islam (Bedu) has kindly agreed to hold the honorable position of Chief Editor of the newsportal.


Publication Name : Rabindra Academy

Type : National Online Daily Newspaportal

Language : Bengali

Covering Fields : National news, Entertainment, Sports, Business etc.


Our strategy is based on serving a clearly defined niche market well. By implementing the ideas and maintaining proper strategies, SOMOYER KONTHOSOR team believes that the portal can meet all the objectives mentioned above.


The primary milestone of SOMOYER KONTHOSOR was to establish it as a popular news portal in the ocean of internet. We assume that the primary milestone has been achieved.

Future Plan

The future plan of the news portal is heavily based on the choice and interest of the readers. According to their feedback from some previous months, it is clear that they want more variable contents on different field’s true news. The immediate plan regarding this is to enrich contents and increase the number of daily posts as early as possible. However, adequate preparation should be taken before this effort.

A daily subscription system through should be launched by next month, which is demanded by a lot of readers.
Campaigns will be done in major divisional educational institutes. Prospectus copies will be provided to as many institutes as possible. Stickers and t-shirts will also be provided.


In aspect of Bangladesh, few portals have been published with a view to occupy a large number of subscribers. Commercial portals caused an overall negative impact on the market which made many readers to become less interested about the online news portal.

In case of SOMOYER KONTHOSOR, this scenario happens to change. Early popularity of this portal proves that there is always a good chance to establish an online newspaper if it is reader oriented and rich in content. With more professionalism and more human resource, it can become one of the mainstream news portals of Bangladesh within a very short time.

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